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Send More than 100MB file in WhatsApp – Android & iOS

WhatsApp would not permit you to send                telenor quiz today                in case your video is crossing the minimal restrict of 16MB or attachments length as much as 100MB.

Even the video is greater than the minimum restrict, as you recognize WhatsApp helps you to edit live and ship it in elements. Although that could be a secondary way, if the video length is above 16MB you could ship it via the Document option on WhatsApp, however can’t move the 100MB mark and for doing that, you want the Google Drive app or WhatsTools app.

Whatsapp error after 100MB
I simply were given into the problem and located that the limit has been positioned via WhatsApp that can’t be undone or can be because of reducing the load or records consumption of users. The answer is if that video is thru every other server WhatsApp won’t show any error sending that report or record link even both it’s far above 100MB or 1GB.

To send a bigger video or document in WhatsApp this is above 100MB, you can use Google Drive to add the report first and then send the hyperlink. Also, you could use the WhatsTools app to add films there and ship the hyperlink to WhatsApp users.

The WhatsTools app is usually recommended to send large documents to WhatsApp users while your force is full or has a restrict to upload documents.

In this text, I will give an explanation for the specific approaches to send huge documents such as compressed documents, large films, and large mp3 files to any WhatsApp users out of your cellular.

WhatsApp File Size 16MB vs 100MB vs More than 100MB – defined
There are some conflicts in expertise the report length limit on WhatsApp. WhatsApp limits sending a report in a selected size through special techniques. Let’s get a few factors onto that:

WhatsApp limits importing or sending a video that is extra than 16MB [As a video].
In order to counter that restriction, you may pick out the timing inside the video and ship it components wherein every part might be 16MB or lower.
Also, sending files documents or zip documents has the restriction of 100MB, this means that you can simply make a zipper of the motion pictures so that it will be decrease than 100MB in total can be despatched via as a document.
In this way, audio documents, doctors, PDF documents, and others are allowed to be despatched under 100MB on WhatsApp.
Now, this text will give an explanation for the techniques so that you can ship the files on WhatsApp that in GB or large than 100MB in length from each iOS & Android devices.

Send Audio documents large than 16MB on WhatsApp
Sending documents that are larger than 16MB isn’t always that vital like it’s miles for the 100MB documents. The Documents choice on WhatsApp will will let you ship any file type this is larger than 16MB and no longer crossing the 100MB even these are video or audio documents.

To send the audio document that is large than 16MB on WhatsApp,

First of all, open your WhatsApp and then go to the chat of the character to whom you need to ship the report.
Now, from the kind field, at the right-side faucet on the attachments icon and then select the ‘Document’ choice on the way to send the document.

This option will assist you to ship documents above 16MB up to 100MB. Now choose any report and send that by way of tapping at the button.
Send above 16MB files
Once the character faucets on the report so one can be downloaded and stored on their mobile garage. That’s all you need to do to send the documents that are large in length.

Send extra than 100MB documents in WhatsApp – Google Drive
The size advocated for sharing files in WhatsApp messenger is 100MB. Exceeding the size limit calls for to comply with steps:
If you’re for your Google Drive that has the unfastened space left then simply add there and send the hyperlink.

In order to ship the massive document in WhatsApp thru Google Drive:

First of all, take a look at the report and rename it for uploading it to Cloud Drive.
Now, choose the file and faucet on the percentage icon as a way to pick out the Google Drive and add.
Next upload the file on Google force.
On the top proper corner of the display screen tap on “Share”.
Click on “Get sharable link” present at the top right of the “Share with others alternative”.
Select the “Accessibility limit” the use of the down arrow.
Now for the upload record, faucet on Share and paste the hyperlink on the WhatsApp chat of the individual to whom you want to send the record.

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